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Zen Windows Dojo Line of Replacement Doors

Choosing a fresh and new solid entry door for your home is a natural choice. Everyone would love their first impression of their home to be a good one.  While many doors may do the job at a certain level, you might still consider what the Zen Dojo line of doors can do for your home to really make that first impression stick with your guests and visitors as they enter your home.

It’s easy to request information from our Zen Windows website when you initiate a replacement window quote as you can also indicate that you would also like a quote on an entry door (which can be installed the same day!) Choose your choice of materials such as, fiberglass, steel, wood, or a solid blend. Each material will provide a different feel, and weight as well as an overall style.

If you have an older home, you may prefer a wooden door to match the doorframe and interior woodwork if you have preserved it. Some customers like to use glass in the structure of your entry door, and there are many options here which we can help you see more clearly via our Zen Dojo Entry Door Brochure which you can request. (Just know that you can have nearly any shape of glass, or color of glass, and even stained glass window entry doors are available.)

We would love to start a conversation with you about replacing your front door at the same time as your windows are being replaced so you can have it all completed in the same day (if that is your preference). Click here to start your quote for your new entry door.